Publications of Stefan Kindermann

Articles in refereed journals

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    Link to Pdf
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    Link to Pdf
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Book Chapter

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Conference Proceedings

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Technical Reports

  • A. Hofinger and S. Kindermann.
    Assessing Uncertainty in Nonlinear Inverse Problems with the Metric of Ky Fan.
    Technical report, University Linz SFB F013, 2006.
  • S. Kindermann and S. Osher.
    Saddle point formulation for a cartoon-texture decomposition.
    Technical report, CAM-Report 05-42, UCLA, 2005.
  • S. Kindermann.
    A new iterative regularization method using an equation of hamilton-jacobi type.
    Technical report, University Linz SFB F013, July 2003.
  • S. Kindermann and A. Neubauer.
    Each BV-function is representable by an H1-curve.
    Technical Report 1/1999, Industrial Mathematics Institute, University of Linz, 1999.

Not yet published

  1. S. Kindermann, Inversion formulas for the linearized impedance tomography problem, rejected


In Prep. 

  1. J.Duintjer Tebbens, S. Kindermann, S.Papacek, Pharmacodynamic Modeling of Xenobiotic CYP3A4 Encyme, in prep, 2022.
  2. Faoumata Sanogo, Carmeliza Navasca, S. Kindermann, Tensor deblurring and denoising using total variation, in prep. 2022.